First post

Hello everyone! I opened a WordPress account in 2007 and forgot about it.  Up until now. And this blank space of a blog has been sitting around with no post or content for the last five years! For that length of time I have been with Fotothing, Flickr, Blogspot, Facebook, SlickPic and Picture Social posting my collection of images. Literally, I have been photo-blogging, photo-sharing and social networking.  Well,  good thing I again chanced upon  this “dormant” WP account of mine, and I plan to make it a dedicated gallery of my works and images. I am not a professional photographer, and not even much into the technical aspects of photography. I just love to take pictures, a passion that goes with my love for writing and jazz music.  “Keep On Clicking!” is my tagline to fuel this passion for photography and propel me to produce images which inspire, enliven the mind and boost the spirit. After all, photography is about touching emotions, celebrating creativity and documenting this life. Welcome to Junsjazz Images and Inspiration! (Photo location: Guimaras Island)


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