Heaven on earth

There are pieces of it here, nature in all its wondrous glory. Sort of a showcase for us while we are still mortals inhabiting this earth, we are able to glimpse all those paradise-like vistas and sceneries, the charm of the countryside, the lore and poetry of a rustic, rural environ. When we see the grandiose and spectacular, and are awed and amazed, we seek answers and solace in our mind’s metaphorical corner to find there ideas and concepts to satisfy us, hence, the fantabulous becomes “bliss”, “shangrila”, “nirvana” and of course “heaven”. It is our natural inclination to wallow in bliss, engage in the euphoric. We are sensualists; we like to overload our senses with delight and pleasure and peace. Which is probably why humans evolved with such faculties of sight, smell, hearing and touch, that they could physically experience pieces of heaven on earth. Moreover, they were created with heart and soul, that they may feel emotion and be able to rejoice at the natural blessings around them. (Photo location: Dinagat province, Mindanao)


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