Troubleshooting 101

This is for all of us who like to take pictures. The skilled, advanced and professional photographers may skip this post. This is for ordinary mortals like me and probably most out there who still experience taking blurry, overexposed, underexposed, distorted, noisy, and generally imperfect photos.  I chanced upon this short but helpful guide titled Photography Troubleshooting: No More Bad Photos which lists 19 common problems when taking photographs, and the simple solutions to each one of them. As a sample I posted this photo I took of the Merlion in Singapore. I had a tripod because of the low light condition and I planned a long exposure shot. The resulting image was fine as I achieved the smooth, silky waterspout, except for that extended lens flare! Learn the solution for that and many others by reading the article. Come to think of it, I like that extended flare. It gave the image a flashy edge, a counterpoint to the surrounding darkness… Nah! I’m just making justifications for something I could have done better.  Silly me.


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