Histogram what?

We have heard about it, read about it and seen it in our digital camera. But we really didn’t give a hoot. It’s because we don’t understand what it is, how to interpret it and exactly what it does. Histograms tell us about brightness and contrast. Bright parts are also known as highlights, dark parts are called shadows, and middle parts are known as mid-tones. Now maybe I got you lost somewhere there. A histogram is a guide that tells us how much highlight, shadow and mid-tones are in a picture. In other words, how dark, bright or dull a picture is. But I won’t do all the explaining here. Suffice to say that understanding those graphs on a histogram will help us in taking better photos, or enhancing an image in a photo editing program which features a histogram.  Here’s a helpful guide titled Get Perfect Exposure and Contrast Every Time (The Secret’s in the Histogram). Happy tweaking! (Photo location: La Mesa Ecopark, Quezon City)


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