Keep on clicking

My tagline “Keep On Clicking” is both literal and metaphorical. As I’m into photography, the tagline drives me to keep this passion aflame. It also serves as a greeting and inspiration for others, especially my photo blogger friends (I guessed they noticed in my comments on their blogs), to continually practice and perfect this craft. Ten years into photography as an avid practitioner and I still have much to learn. Even professionals are keen to update and refresh their knowledge. Photography for all of us is one continuous learning experience. As a metaphor, the tagline encourages us to prosper in our endeavors. Life itself is a daily struggle and challenge, and whatever we do, with the gifts and talents given us, we must strive to do it well, with persistence, performance and flourish. Click to capture images, and click to succeed in life. It’s probably a cliche, but it is wrapped with meaning and sincerity when I say: “Keep on clicking my friends!” (Photo location: Barobo town, Surigao del Sur province) 


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