Life travelers

For most creatures, to travel is a natural instinct. Migration or movement is dictated by primal reasons – food, mating and general preservation of the specie. For humans, the reasons are varied – the search for food, the need to explore and discover, to pursue leisure, peace and happiness. The distance we go through is also varied, it may just be a neighborhood alley we haven’t passed yet, a provincial tourist spot we read in travel magazines, or a distant country. Given the opportunity and the means, we hunger for travel. We are meant to move, and our consciousness urges us to seek places we haven’t been to. We are destination-seekers, trekkers, journeymen, sightseers, wanderers. We long for adventure, vacation and exploration. It is an unquenchable thirst. Why? Our need for knowledge is deep. When we travel, we take in information about culture, people, traits, norms, locales, nature, sights. We amass understanding, widen our perceptions, and put meaning in our lives. We are life travelers, after all. (Photo location: Montemaria, Batangas)


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