Frame it well

This is not about a decorative border you put on an image before you hang it on a wall. That will come later. The first business at hand is taking a shot and creating a picture worthy of that space on your illustrious wall. We go back to photography basics: the rule of thirds, keep a picture free from distractions, have a focal point, avoid backlighting, shoot lots of photos for variety, find angles and perspectives. Or follow none of the above, since rules are made to be broken anyway. But just to be on the side of generally accepted norms (remember you’re also aiming for that wall), it will do well to abide by the tried and tested yardsticks of good photography which have been there ever since. Here is a refresher titled Basic Photo Tips: Framing Your Shots by Wasim Ahmad, an assistant professor of Journalism. Go out and experiment. Discover and have fun. Happy framing!


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