Tackling trees

This is a subject which you can approach any way you want, use any type of camera or lens, capture any time of day (even night), shoot solo or collectively, in color or black and white, blooming or in decay, in whole or in parts (leaves, branches, roots), and in all kinds of seasons. They’re one of the most universal subjects around, simply because we find them everywhere. So where’s the challenge? That is for you, the photographer, to discover. You have many options at hand: use perspective, go panoramic, take advantage of light, zoom in, go wide, find water reflections and many more. Wildlife photographer Heather Angel shares an enlightening guide where she lists some 15 Ways To Shoot Trees. As always, the bottomline is to find something unique and interesting. Care for our trees and respect Mother Nature. (Photo location: the hills of Ambulong, Batangas City)  


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