Pop those colors! a word on saturation

You see pictures with eye-popping colors and you wonder “how did they do that?” Images that are well-composed, clear, detailed and with vivid colors stand out. They have the “wow” factor. There are colors that are naturally bright, vibrant and saturated such as yellow, orange and red. The professionals have tricks up their sleeves on capturing these colors and letting them stand out. Some are done in-camera and some during photo editing. There are eight tips listed in this article How to Photograph Vibrant Colors. I’ve been doing some of them such as tweaking the picture setting in the DSLR (I set it on Vivid) and adjusting the saturation curve in PhotoScape (a free image editing program) during post-processing. We perceive colors differently and it may just be a matter of calibrating our monitor when viewing pictures, or adjusting the saturation when we edit. Saturation enhancements must be done properly. Overdoing it results in colors that are blown out and unnatural. Saturation levels in editing programs can be adjusted in increments, a little at a time, so you know if you’ve done too much or too little. Well saturated colors will put the life, zing and bling in an otherwise flat, dull picture.


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