A rocky life

I came upon this beach and I have never seen such sight with so much rocks and stones. I always imagined shorelines to be smooth with sand and crushed corals, but this one was littered with stones of all sizes. It provided a nice contrast to the generally calm morning sea where small waves were scattered by the rocks before they splashed to shore. This got me thinking, no human life is smooth sailing either. Before the heart ceases after beating more than eight billion times in a lifetime, the life it sustained underwent all the rocky bumps and terrains it could ever go through. And I’m not only talking of the physical abuse our bodies undergo; our emotions also get a beating. Body, mind and soul are tested to the extreme. But like the dynamic, adaptable waves that disperse and regroup again as they hit land, such is the flexibility of the character and spirit within us. We can rebound from adversity, recover from sacrifice, learn from our mistakes. Though the mortal body, on the other, has no recourse but to degenerate, before doing so it has gone through its apex of conditioning, stamina and strength. This life was never meant to be perfect, yet after passing all the rocky trials and tribulations, we come out significantly a better person. Live on. (Photo location: Bauan, Batangas)


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