The documentary approach

Once in a while in our photographic ventures, we dream wide awake and fantasize that we are photojournalists on a crucial assignment. There’s a street festival and we’d like to capture the performers. We shoot away quite unprepared and come back to our computer to see all the action we took were hazy and blurry, undefined movements. The dream crumbles. Whether we plan it our not, there are times we encounter people scenes worth documenting, and we know not how to go about it. The instinct and urge is to snap away and just review the pictures later; the convenience of digital. But as always, it helps to have a firm understanding of how to capture and present a story, the documentary way. And this article will definitely help – 10 Quick Documentary Photography Tips. Highlights include the need to be prepared, not to rush, to choose your style, to process your image and present it in the best possible form. The bottomline: use the image to tell your story. (Photo: street performer during the Batangas City day)


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