Finding your style

Your photographic style defines who you are. Now what is style? Hmm. That seems easier to ask than to answer. You have been photographing for years now and may have developed a style you are not aware of. Let’s put it this way, if you are most comfortable and creative in black and white photography capturing steet scenes, that’s a style. If you are into wildlife or nature, that’s a genre and a style. If you are into wedding and events, that’s a niche and a style. If you are into macro, that’s a specialty and a style. In my case, I photograph anything and everything that gets my eye, but more particularly landscapes, sunsets, flowers and nature. And I like to capture them in rich, bold, vivid colors. Now that’s my style. Your personal style is that which expresses your art and creativity in your images. This can be brought about by your personal circumstance. If you are travelling a lot, then you have the opportunity to document people, culture and traditions. If you live in bustling urban areas, then you can do cityscapes or street photography. Photographer Simon Ray provides some guides with his Top 10 Tips to Help Define Your Photographic Style. In the article, you’ll be asked what your reasons are for photographing, what your vision is, what your favorite subjects are, and what equipment you are most at ease with. Then you’ll be guided to find inspiration and to learn from experience. In the end, you’ll be urged to go develop, discover and find yourself. In the first place, it is your style. Nobody will find it for you.


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