The power to capture what you see

I’m not talking about the camera. I’m talking about our most powerful sense – vision, and the tool for it – our eyes. Even the most expensive and feature-packed camera pales in comparison to the eyes. I found an eye-opening (sorry for the pun) article which compared the eyes to the camera in terms of resolution, sensitivity, dynamic range and focal length. The article Notes on the Resolution and Other Details of the Human Eye shows some computations and formula to arrive at certain figures. Do you know how many megapixels our eyes have? 50, 60 100? Its way more than that! Read the article and learn many interesting facts. Now on to our topic. There are times that the scenery or subject that you captured did not come out the way you saw it when you finally reviewed the image on your computer. It was nothing compared to what you actually saw. Not a faithful or accurate reproduction of the colors, light and positioning of the subject that your eyes saw during the moment. Its easy to blame the camera, but the poor thing is just a tool. It is you who set the camera settings, its is you who framed the subject, it is you who pressed the shutter. Time to know what went wrong, how to correct them and what to look out for with this guide 10 Tips For Capturing What You See by photographer Kimball Larsen. The bottomline: practice shooting and understand the power of your eyes. (Photo location: Batangas City)


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