Is it the gear or is it you?

I have said it before and I will say it again, whatever the outcome of a shot it will always be about the photographer. I’m not saying gear does not matter. Of course it matters. There are shots that can only be possible with a powerful zoom lens, or a magnification with a dedicated macro lens or extension tubes. If you’ve got the cash to splurge on equipment go ahead. But then hold your horses, and ask yourself first – will your photography improve with expensive gear upgrades? Maybe the cash for your kid’s college should better be left untouched, and just work out the best for the meantime with whatever gear you have now. Photography instructor David Petersen came up with some validating items to consider in his article How To Tell If It’s The Gear Or Your Skill. He asks if you are still making the basic mistakes in photography, and suggests when to consider purchasing a new camera. Petersen also backs up his point – the early legendary photographers worked with the barest camera and a minimum of gear, all manual and analog equipment, yet came up with the most iconic images we admire, respect and view in lofty galleries and museums today.  It will always be about the one who presses the shutter.


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