Let go of the technical

JJWP275The post title is borrowed from lifestyle photographer Jennifer Tonetti in her article Capturing Your Holiday Traditions With Photos. It’s an event that happens at the end of the year, an awaited celebration for many that may consist of any or all of the following – family gatherings, parties, gift-giving, prepping up the house with decorative holiday items, and many others. These are moments you want to capture and not be bogged down by camera settings and other technical stuff. Tonetti says: “My biggest piece of advice is let go of the technical, ‘I need this to be perfect’ mentality when capturing these moments. You don’t want to miss a moment in the tradition because you are fumbling with settings. In fact, AUTO is my best friend at holiday time. I want to be sure I focus on the moment, and not the technique.” Memories are said to be one of our most valuable possessions, and these are preserved in photographs. Whether in printed form or digital format, we keep these images of moments we cherish – joyous occasions, family reunions, bonding of friends, once-a-year events. These are pictures that go with the story of our life, entries in our journal worth remembering and reminiscing. As you celebrate Christmas and the New Year, capture not to create perfect photos but simply to add another set of memorable moments in the album of your life. May the best of the Season be with you all!


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