Junsjazz Internet Radio


Oh by the way, have I told you that I operate and host my own internet radio? Yes folks, I’ve been streaming music online since 2009 through my music station JJeFM. It’s not a commercial or business outfit, it’s a one man personal undertaking by yours truly. With thousands of smooth jazz tracks in my collection, I just had to share my love for the music and I found a free broadcasting platform through Shoutcast. Though I cannot be online 24/7, I make sure as much as possible to broadcast at night when I get home, and I’ve been doing this the past four years. You can tune in using Winamp, iTunes, Media Monkey, RealPlayer, Jet Audio or other popular media players which can access Shoutcast Radios. Once you access Shoutcast, just type “junsjazz” in the search bar and you will be directed to my station which is online right now. Or you can simply click this direct link¬†to tune in. Its early eve in the Philippines and the station will be online for the next four hours, until I hit the sack. From “Keep on clicking!” to “Happy listening!” Enjoy the music!


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