Maximize color

JJWP358Color is one of the most potent elements in photographic composition. We view the world in color, and we see color everywhere. It is a visual property perceive by humans when there is light, or as light falls and reflects on an object. In photography, there are many techniques to heighten or highlight colors in order to come up with creative and artistic images. In his article 7 Ways to Create Powerful Photos with Colors, author Andrew Gibson says:

“Color is an important part of a photo’s composition (unless you’re shooting black and white of course), although you may not have thought of it that way before. Color is as much part of a photo’s composition as other building blocks such as shape, form, texture, lines and light.”

Gibson presents seven tips to help us make the most out of color – utilize strong, bold colors; use subtle, pastel colors; use a color against a neutral background; let one color dominate; understand color balance; know how color temperature works; and comprehend color and emotion. Having a basic knowledge of colors and its role in a subject in relation to its surrounding (negative space) and background, or techniques in the application and arrangement of colors in an image, or combining color with other elements of composition, will go a long way in producing visually stimulating pictures, no matter how ordinary the subject may be. Such as the photo above of a lampshade with its reflection in a mirror.


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