Pink does not exist

JJWP403Then how come we see it? Pink, also known as magenta, is there in dresses, ribbons, papers, crayons, shoes, shirts, dolls, toys and flowers, just to name some among many items. I first read about this two years ago and since then lots of articles have come out on the topic. You may have probably read them. There is no pink in the color spectrum and it seems that the phenomenal processor which is our brain creates and complements something that is missing in nature. There is a scientific explanation for this and I am not one to elaborate. Let’s leave it to the experts. One of the more detailed explanations, crafted in layman’s terms complete with illustrations and optical tests, is from Liz Elliot in her article Magenta Ain’t A Color. Go have a read just to satisfy that incessant human curiosity. Well, if I see pink I will capture pink, and as a nature lover I mostly see it in flowers. Whether red, orange, yellow or in a color which officially does not exist, I will photograph flowers which are among nature’s most eye-catching and colorful creations. Perception of color is a function of our eyes, while enjoyment of color is an activity of our mind. The process goes from physical to mental, from seeing to experiencing.


One response

  1. Thanks for the link on magenta ! Interesting what nature does, and more so learning how it does these curious things.

    February 16, 2013 at 2:20 pm

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