The difference between organic and geometric shapes

Organic shapes are also called curvilinear that are made up of curves, angles or both. Their main characteristics are curving appearance and smooth flowing outline. They look natural and are mostly found in leaves, flowers, plants and animals. Organic shapes are out there in the natural world, created by the environment. Being free form, they don’t have uniformity and perfect measurements. Which is the exact opposite of geometric shapes. Although they may also appear in nature, geometric shapes are products of man – rectangles, squares, triangles – which are building blocks of design and construction. With the technological revolution, man can now create structures and buildings mimicking organic shapes. What’s in it for our photography?


Shapes are compositional and design elements that are visually appealing. Going for the soft curves of organic shapes or the hard corners of geometric shapes, and partnering them with the right colors, lines, patterns and light will create captivating images. A photographer once said that the eye traffics in feelings, not in thoughts. Feelings are triggered by what we see and sense. A visual stimulus of delightful shapes properly composed will evoke an equal emotional response of joy and gladness. Have a great colorful week ahead!


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  1. Jennifer

    Thanks for your description between the types of shapes. My son’s 3rd grade art teacher is making all her students in 3rd grade take an assessment about the difference between geometric, organic and free form shapes. Honestly it seemed confusing to him and I. The art teacher is saying the organic and free form shapes are totally different from each other. If you can send me any other articles explaining their similarities and or differences I would greatly appreciate it. Seeing your child confused and frustrated about anything Art related makes me sad and I realize that creativity is taking a second seat to testing and assessments in the art room as well. This makes me very upset as I said before.

    Jennifer, MD

    June 11, 2014 at 1:22 pm

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