Not always of the grand and majestic

The problem when we go out and take pictures is we try to find the grand and majestic scene. We try to search for sceneries with the “ooh” and the “ahh.” Yet it is not always that we are in front of nature’s wonders like a glorious sunset or sunrise, or an imposing mountain, a sublime forest or an awe-inspiring waterfalls. We are not National Geographic photographers who seek the marvelous in this earth. We are moms and dads, workers in a 9 to 5 cycle in the metropolis. Some of us are living a quiet life as retired citizens of this world after spending most of our time on family and work. Many of us are not certified adventurers and wilderness seekers, though given the chance we would like to be like them. So lower our expectations. Not all photos or subjects should be breathtaking.


However, all photos must be compelling. It may not be the “Grand Canyon” of our photographic dream but a picture must, at the very least, hold interest. For more than 400 posts in this almost half a year reference and information photo blog, I guess you must have picked something of what makes a picture interesting. They are very basic elements one must include in the image because they attract the eye: colors, lines, shapes, forms, patterns, textures, lighting. How you frame and compose some or all of these elements will further add appeal to the image. With some of us having precious little time for ourselves and our family, and usually only during weekends when we can have bonding with spouse and kids, or with friends, a stroll in the park or favorite hangout can feed a photographic longing. Watch out for scenes like the above picture. It is not as grand as a sunset, but it will hold its own engaging quality because the photographic elements were effectively arranged and presented.


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