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Weekend Inspiration 22


Wishing everyone a lovely and inspiring weekend! Keep on clicking my friends!

Internally inspired

A recent post of mine Inspiration from within contained an excerpt from the article of master photographer Alain Briot titled Finding Inspiration. Before I read that article it was always my belief that we find inspiration from outside – in nature, in places, in the works of the masters and legendary photographers, and in photos of blogger peers. The wonders of the Internet affords us to review and admire the works of noted photographers, without us physically going to the library. This is where I get my inspiration: an interesting situation, a new place or location, and images by other photographers. Half of my time on WordPress is spent going through the sites of photo bloggers. Yes folks, I get ideas and inspiration from your works.


The aforementioned are what Alain Briot calls external inspiration. Then there is also the internal inspiration. Something which I never realized consciously until just recently. This is inspiration derived from our work which, as we accumulate experience and knowledge, is refined and improved. How many times have people noticed your images and said it was great? You post a creative piece of image in your blog and others comment, like and follow you. That is public approbation in the blogosphere. And you get inspired, and vow to do well and capture pictures to top the image that got so much attention. It will be a cycle of giving out your best every time you press the shutter. It is a powerful driving force – the spark of inspiration within.