Visual feast

Festivals are my perennial favorites. My country isn’t lacking in this colorful cultural event. Almost every city and town, from the metropolis to far-flung villages, celebrate an annual fiesta or festival in honor of a patron saint, of good harvest, or of a product the place is known for. Why are festivals such great subjects? They are literally visual feasts with the explosion of colors, pomp and pageantry, street parades, choreography and movement, and of course people, lots of them. You can capture expressions, freeze motion and action, experiment with blur and the swirl of colors. And you get to shoot that “decisive moment” such as with the image below, taken at one of the premiere Philippine tourism events – the Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo City.


I have had a previous post on how to capture celebrations like this. You may want to read the article Focusing On Festivals. I also have a whole issue, Issue #6, of the Junsjazz Digital Magazine devoted to images of fiestas and festivals that I have covered. It’s the start of the week and I’m back to full color photography and I’d like to focus on people and festivals. Expect images and articles on this topic for the rest of the week. Thanks!



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