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Photo Quotes 167


Every image needs strong underlying compositional order so that it grabs the eye from a hundred feet away…If it can’t grab the eye from a distance, it will never be an interesting photo, regardless of how many fine details it might have. Details don’t matter if there’s no story behind it.~Ken Rockwell

Weekend Inspiration 22


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Artistic design amid the visual chaos

Article Excerpt: “It’s not difficult to show good examples of graphic design in photographs. I can present to you countless beautiful images with perfect compositions and with subjects that have striking or compelling shapes. The hard part is to go out in the woods, or the desert, or a city, and find graphic designs that are great. The world is, after all, a compositional mess. There are rocks, mountains, buildings, dirt, bushes, branches, and man-made objects all over the place. It’s our job as photographers to make sense of it, to find in all the visual chaos a design that is artistic and pleasing.”~Jim Zuckerman on Composition: Graphic Design

(Photo location: Cancabato Bay, Tacloban City)