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Remove color


Article Excerpt
Have you ever been out and about wandering through villages or fields, cities or towns and you can’t seem to find anything worth photographing … just “One of those days”! You will get them and it can be quite frustrating. You have made the effort to get your gear together, drive to a favourite spot but just can’t get the creative juices flowing!

As an experiment, the next time you are out on a mission, try to see things as they would appear in a black and white photograph. Black and white photography tends to add mood to a photo and by removing all traces of color, the onlooker’s eye is more attracted to your subject.
~See in Black and White Photography from All Things Photography


Coastal scenes

The Philippines has 7,107 islands with a combined coastline of more than 36,000 kilometers, the third longest in the world. No wonder, looking at hundreds of photos in my collection, I find that one-third of them are coastal sceneries with varied subjects – boats, beach, sunset, waves, seas, wharfs, fisherfolk, islands and more. I revel in this variety of subjects my archipelago country affords me; a diversity more than I can manage to capture. (Photo location: Alubihod Beach, Guimaras Island)