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The poet and photographer combined (3)


In two previous posts I used (with permission) the poem of Kelly Hartland, and another poem by Lila, then paired each with an image from my collection to come up with a poetry/photography piece. Above is another combination work, this time reflecting the poet in me. Yes, I dabbled in poetry way back, and just yesterday I was able to dug up an old notebook (with already yellowish pages) containing several dozens of my poems composed many years ago. That is the wonder of creative pieces such as poems and photos – they remain timeless.


The poet and photographer (2)


A second pairing off, this time from Lila of the blog Lila’s Twist and your’s truly

The poet and photographer combined

JJWP338The above literary piece (used with permission) is by Kelly Hartland paired with one of my nature photos. I have been toying with the idea of a collaboration between two classes of artists – the poets and photographers. The concept isn’t unique, there have been poetry/photo books by poet and photography authors who combined their works. I broached the subject to Kelly who thought it was a great idea, and to┬áLila (of the blog┬áLila’s Twist) who was excited about it. We now have digital publishing platforms where we can create and publish online books and magazines. I have been doing it for the past four issues of the Digital Magazine edition of this blog. But this here at WordPress is a community, and a collaboration is a collective undertaking. If this project ever hopes to push through, what is needed aside from the materials is a concerted effort, the deliberate coming together of talent and creativity by everyone involved. Can these two breeds of artists, distinct in perspective and perception, different in methods and styles, but one in rendering imagery and inspiration, actually join forces? Oh, you tell me. Two of them just collaborated above.

Poetry and photography

JJWP334The play of written words in poetry and the art of the visual medium in photography are both powerful instruments. Though each class is different in presentation and technique, both evoke imagery and inspiration. Unlike prose, the approach of poetry is short and concise, and using techniques of metaphor, hyperbole or simile (for instance) spark the imagination of readers. Photography, on the other hand, is more or less a direct approach – a visual representation of the world as the photographer sees or envisions it. A viewer of a photo will see it as it is. If it is a flower, the viewer will see it as a flower as the photographer intended it to be – whether he presented the flower as an abstract, a macro, a black and white image, still life or a silhouette. A photo may be open to a few interpretations but it will always be within the confines of what the subject is. In poetry it is different, a flower may mean different things in a wider scope depending on how the poet played with his words and presented his piece. A flower may represent happiness, joy, beauty, form, simplicity, nature, silence, humility, essence or even life itself. Though there are distinctions, photography can draw or learn elements from poetry. I like this article by photography author Michel Freeman and would like to share it with all of you. Titled Why Poetry Might Help Your Photography, it takes a look on what makes “poetic imagery a very useful inspiration for a visual medium like photography.” It also tackles some noted collaborations between poets and photographers, a project I would like to do and explore – blending and unifying the works pf photo bloggers and poet bloggers. I could do a whole new separate digital magazine for that.

An award to start the week

the-clements-awardI extend my appreciation and thanks to all those who have nominated this blog with various awards, I lost count. The latest is The Clements Award from Kim Clements of the blog I AM. Much thanks! This is a great start for a wonderful blogging week ahead. In turn, I’d like to confer this award not to photographers (because I accord them their due recognition by featuring them in my digital magazine) but to another breed of artists who use the power of the pen and the magic of words – the poets. I know there are many of them in my blog list but I can immediately think of four:

Kelly Hartland

Lucy Williams Poetry

Lila’s Twist

All About Lemon

Congratulations! Happy blogging!

Heaven on earth

There are pieces of it here, nature in all its wondrous glory. Sort of a showcase for us while we are still mortals inhabiting this earth, we are able to glimpse all those paradise-like vistas and sceneries, the charm of the countryside, the lore and poetry of a rustic, rural environ. When we see the grandiose and spectacular, and are awed and amazed, we seek answers and solace in our mind’s metaphorical corner to find there ideas and concepts to satisfy us, hence, the fantabulous becomes “bliss”, “shangrila”, “nirvana” and of course “heaven”. It is our natural inclination to wallow in bliss, engage in the euphoric. We are sensualists; we like to overload our senses with delight and pleasure and peace. Which is probably why humans evolved with such faculties of sight, smell, hearing and touch, that they could physically experience pieces of heaven on earth. Moreover, they were created with heart and soul, that they may feel emotion and be able to rejoice at the natural blessings around them. (Photo location: Dinagat province, Mindanao)