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Stuck in the city

Many are stuck in the city, working that daily routine called an office job. Never having time to commune with nature. The urban jungle is a mosaic of people, buildings, steel, glass, cars, streets – the metropolitan landscape. You may think they are hardly worthy subjects for your photographic sojourns. But no. There is such a thing as cityscape and street photography. And there are lots of interesting images if that is your corner of the world. Author Kathy Wilson gives us a rundown in her article Cityscape Photography – Tips and Tricks. The article will guide you on what to look out for, the right time to shoot the skyline, things to consider (especially if you’re in a crowded place), and the all-important precautions (there are places you’re not allowed to take pictures). Hold your head and hopes high if you are an urbanite. Being stuck in the city doesn’t mean you can’t take great pictures. We go back again to some of the basics we’ve covered in previous posts – being receptive and training the eye to spot something interesting, something unique, something colorful, something that has pattern, perspective, shape, contrast, depth and meaning. From the biggest structure to the minutest detail, capturing the city in a day (let’s say a weekend where you are free from work) will result in either running out of memory card or battery or both, whichever comes first. (Photo location: Makati City)