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Issue #7 is online!

JJ7FrontCoverIt’s another month, and another issue of Junsjazz Digital Magazine has been published. Issue #7 presents a sampling of minimalist photographs from my image collection. It’s all about simplicity and order, and organized emptiness, if you can call it that. As tradition for the past four issues now, half of the magazine (which has grown to 34 pages from an original of eight) is devoted to guest photo bloggers and their works. I’d like to thank the following who have responded to my invitation:

Ellen Pardee
Sally W. Donatello
Tim May
Roy Thoman
Michael Lai
Stephen G. Hipperson
Scott D. Hill
Dan Granroth

I extend my gratitude to them for generously sharing their impressive images through this digital magazine medium. Also starting with this issue is a new feature – a collaborative piece between a photographer and a poet – literally a fusion of imagery from the visual and the written word. Much thanks to wordsmith Kelly Hartland for joining forces with me. Again put on your headphones for a multimedia experience. You can check out all the Issues here. Enjoy!

When less is more

It is said that minimalism is the art of less. In photography that means less clutter, less distraction, less chaos, less disarray, less disorder and hodgepodge. Minimalist images are clean, clear, plain, tidy, trimmed and unblemished. You show your subject in an empty space, or in relation to emptiness. The psychology is that in the absence of distracting elements, you highlight more the subject that you include in the frame.


The photographer has lots of tools and techniques at his disposal. He can utilize selective focus, selective blur, shallow depth of field, framing, color and tonal contrast, high key and low-key lighting and composition. Again, like many other genres of photography, this requires a combination of the technical and creative. But the motivation still remains the same – isolate and simplify. It was abstract expressionist painter Hans Hofmann who said: “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” In minimalist photography, the one that speaks is your main subject in the midst of glorious isolation, powerful in emptiness and splendid in blankness. The latest Issue of Junsjazz Digital Magazine will be all about Minimalism. Watch out for it as it goes online next week.

JJ Digital Magazine goes minimalist

JJ7frontYup, Issue #7 of Junsjazz Digital Magazine will be all about the photographic art of minimalism. I will be showcasing images with the barest elements and subjects, highlighting the clean, simple look, and proving that the technique of “less is more”, can produce remarkable pictures. Of course, I get again to feature another set of talented photographers from the blogosphere. Watch out for the next issue coming out sometime this March. Meanwhile, if you haven’t done it yet, take a look at the past six issues of the Digital Magazine. Thanks! Have a wonderful, creative and colorful week ahead!

The Fiesta Issue is online!

JJ6frontJunsjazz Digital Magazine Issue #6 is now online and available for viewing. Its the Fiesta Issue showcasing select images of Philippine festivals. It highlights people, culture and heritage, and presented in full living color with voice-overs and music to boot. From eight pages in the first Issue, this latest one is 30 pages thick from cover to cover. And for the fourth time I feature guest photo bloggers and a selection of their works. For taking time from their busy schedules to respond to my requests and for sharing their images in the magazine’s pages, my heartfelt thanks to the following:

Monika Isabelle Betley
Mekala Rodrigo
Jane Chesebrough
Katerina Janouskova
Elisa Ruland
Susan Mae Detera
Jennifer Nichole Wells

What do I get from this project? Nothing. Do I earn from it? I can, but I choose not to. It’s not a commercial or business undertaking. Like my internet radio JJeFM which will be on its fourth year this March, this digital magazine is a personal online activity that gives me immense satisfaction. Your recognition, support and appreciation are my rewards. Thank you! Enjoy the latest Issue, and if you’re new to this blog you may want to view the previous issues.

A preview to the Fiesta Issue of the Digital Magazine

JJWP410With nearly two thousand photos of various fiesta and festival events in my collection, it is but natural that I release a fiesta-themed issue of Junsjazz Digital Magazine. And that one, Issue #6, will come out this weekend. It contains select images from Philippine Festivals I had the opportunity to experience and document. This Issue promises to be very colorful, just like the tribal performer in the photo. For those new to this blog, I come out with an interactive online photography magazine and have published five issues so far. The Fiesta Issue is the sixth. And again I feature guest photo bloggers and their works. There are seven of them, each with her own two-page magazine spread. Yes, I said “her.” They are all women photographers.┬áTo access these online publications just click on the digital magazine picture at the top of the sidebar.

Festival fever

JJWP355Tomorrow, the last Sunday of January, is the culmination of one of the biggest if not the biggest tourism event in the Philippines – the Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo City in the central part of the country. It has been voted for three consecutive years in the past by a national organization of tourist and travel operators as the No. 1 tourism event, rivaling the equally grandiose Sinulog Festival of Cebu City. I had the opportunity a couple of years back to cover the Dinagyang event together with my photo buddies from Metro Manila and I tell you, even for locals like us who watched it for the first time, it was an experience unlike any other. Now the Philippines is a “fiesta country.” Every town and city celebrate a fiesta of sorts in honor of a patron saint. There’s almost a fiesta everyday somewhere all year round. These usually consist of local beauty contests, drum and bugle competition, the community parade and a culmination night in the city gymnasium or town square where there are special numbers, live bands and fireworks show. Some places have kept the celebration small, others through the years have become a national showcase and tourism attraction – the likes of the Ati-Atihan in Kalibo City, the Sinulog in Cebu held last weekend and tomorrow’s Dinagyang in Iloilo. These premiere festivals that attract thousands of visitors from within the country and from all over the world are virtual explosions of colors, of tribal and local costumes, elaborate choreography, beats of drums and music. It is a flurry of synchronized movement from the performers garbed in their most eye-catching attire. It is the “Mardi Gras” of East Asia. I will run out of words to describe the magnificence and sheer pageantry of these events. But I will not run out of photos I took and the best of them will be presented in the next issue of Junsjazz Digital Magazine which will come out this February. It will be in direct contrast to Issue #5 which was all black and white. Issue #6 will be all about the colors of Fiesta!

Issue #5 is online

JJ5.frontcover2Yes folks, you can now enjoy Issue #5 of Junsjazz Images & Inspiration Digital Magazine. It carries an all black and white theme and features the following photographers and a selection of their works:

Shannon James O’Neill
Richard Cooper-Knight
Xavi Geis
Emiliano Valdarquis
Petra Stridfeldt
Jennifer Koe

My heartfelt thanks to them for sharing their time and talent in this ongoing digital publishing project. Same gratitude goes to six other photographers I have previously featured. You’ll notice that Issue #5 has an edgier design and meticulous lay-out. I guess I wanted to outdo myself with each new Issue. I hope you’ll have a great time going over it as I did creating it. Again, put on those headphones for a multimedia experience. Thanks!