Listed in an online photography directory

Yes folks! Got a pleasant surprise when I learned that this humble blog has been included in an online photography directory called Photo Webs Planet. This blog is now part of the more than 600 photography-related websites listed in said directory. Together with your comments, visits, likes, follows and recognitions via blog awards, this latest development (though outside of the WordPress community) surely made my day. Thank you all and keep on clicking!

Back to blogging


Sorry for my one week absence my blogger peers. I had to attend to some important family and business matters. And as the saying goes that absence makes the heart grow fonder, I did missed all of you. Like everyone else, this act of blogging has become so ingrained in my system that a day seems incomplete without posting something. Imagine going “blog-less” for a week or so. Well I hope all of you are safe and sound. I’ll go around in your blogs and see what’s the latest on your end. Keep on clicking! Thanks!

JJ’s art blog


The above is from the “Floral” series, a sample of the many creations I did when I started photographing years ago. In my youth I painted using watercolors and acrylic. When the camera became my brush, I continued my art but in the photographic way. It was when trying out various image editing softwares that I was able to merge photos, apply styles and effects and come up with “digital art.” All are based on photos I took. I have a sizeable collection of these creations that for a long time were tucked away in my hard disk. Now they are presented to the world through their own home, the Junsjazz Art & Vision blog. If you have time I invite you to visit the blog and immerse yourself in a world of brilliant colors, moody darkness, surreal concepts, runaway imagination and unrestrained creativity. Thanks! Happy midweek my blogger peers!

Issue #5 is online

JJ5.frontcover2Yes folks, you can now enjoy Issue #5 of Junsjazz Images & Inspiration Digital Magazine. It carries an all black and white theme and features the following photographers and a selection of their works:

Shannon James O’Neill
Richard Cooper-Knight
Xavi Geis
Emiliano Valdarquis
Petra Stridfeldt
Jennifer Koe

My heartfelt thanks to them for sharing their time and talent in this ongoing digital publishing project. Same gratitude goes to six other photographers I have previously featured. You’ll notice that Issue #5 has an edgier design and meticulous lay-out. I guess I wanted to outdo myself with each new Issue. I hope you’ll have a great time going over it as I did creating it. Again, put on those headphones for a multimedia experience. Thanks!

The most ambitious issue yet

JJMags5Issue #5 of the digital magazine edition of this blog will be out later this week. This is the most ambitious issue so far in this ongoing online project of mine. It has an all black and white photography theme, thematic background music, subtle lay-out changes and design, contextual voice-overs and, from eight pages in the first issue, this latest outing has now ballooned to 26 pages from cover to cover. Half of it is devoted to six photo bloggers who have responded to my invitation to be featured in Issue #5. In the above magazine cover pic, their names have been deliberately blot out; I will reveal them when the issue goes online. Before that happens, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart these six photographers who took the time from their busy lives to coordinate and communicate with me with regards to the content, materials and permissions to use their copyrighted works. For that I am grateful. For the past two issues, I have been sharing this digital platform with photographers and it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction that in my own little way I get to confer recognition to my peers. And I’ll keep doing so in the next issues.

The poet and photographer (2)


A second pairing off, this time from Lila of the blog Lila’s Twist and your’s truly

The poet and photographer combined

JJWP338The above literary piece (used with permission) is by Kelly Hartland paired with one of my nature photos. I have been toying with the idea of a collaboration between two classes of artists – the poets and photographers. The concept isn’t unique, there have been poetry/photo books by poet and photography authors who combined their works. I broached the subject to Kelly who thought it was a great idea, and to Lila (of the blog Lila’s Twist) who was excited about it. We now have digital publishing platforms where we can create and publish online books and magazines. I have been doing it for the past four issues of the Digital Magazine edition of this blog. But this here at WordPress is a community, and a collaboration is a collective undertaking. If this project ever hopes to push through, what is needed aside from the materials is a concerted effort, the deliberate coming together of talent and creativity by everyone involved. Can these two breeds of artists, distinct in perspective and perception, different in methods and styles, but one in rendering imagery and inspiration, actually join forces? Oh, you tell me. Two of them just collaborated above.